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  Prevailing Wages

On a public works project, each employer is obligated to pay not less than the prevailing wage rate — whether the employer is union or non-union. This requirement insures that all employers are performing work on a level playing field.  

As a union employer, you have an advantage when performing public works. Owners know that union employers are financially responsible and accountable. They know that you will have simple and easy access to pay the appropriate wages, trust fund remittances and utilize apprentices, when applicable. These advantages mean that you can spend less time in the office working on public works payment and compliance issues and more time to perform work on time and on budget.  

There are certain duties and responsibilities that every employer has on California State public works projects. As a resource, we are including the following quick link summary forms and information:

Additionally, the State of California Department of Industrial Relations promulgates information regarding California prevailing wages and enforcement.  Information about these programs can be found as follows:  

  • Division of Apprenticeship Standards
            Public works information Link
            Apprenticeship program information public works - search Link
            Apprenticeship certification for public works Link
            Public Works apprentice wage sheets Link
            Debarments Link
  • Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
            How to file a public works complaint Link
            Labor compliance programs Link
            Certified payroll Link
            DLSE Debarments (Public works contractors) Link
            Labor Code section 1741(c) Judgments - Public Works Link
  • Division of Labor Statistics & Research
            Prevailing wage determinations Link
            Public Works coverage determinations Link
            Prevailing wage regulations Link
            Prevailing wage frequently asked questions Link
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