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  Managing a construction company is complicated and risk-oriented.
A successful contractor must navigate through complex state and federal regulations; economic uncertainty; new technology, equipment and training; and maintain adequate working capital, bonding and insurance — and that is before the job is even awarded to you!
  When you finally get the job, the last thing you want to worry about is finding and coordinating skilled workers. We specialize in providing trained and skilled workers to get your job done right the first time — but we are much more than that.  
  We have a comprehensive package of services that reduce your costs and make you more competitive by delivering:  

You can bid with
greater confidence
when you partner
with the Laborers.

  • Access to a qualified, skilled, safety-conscious and motivated workforce
  • Advanced training and retraining for existing employees
  • Competitive wage rates
  • Prevailing wage cost savings benefit
  • Workers' compensation & alternative dispute resolution
  • Laborers' marketing program
  • Laborers' health and safety program
  • Legislative advocacy
  That's why it makes so much sense for you to contract with the Laborers. We understand business and what it takes to be successful. We regard signatory contractors and labor relations associations as our partners in a shared endeavor to uphold your profitability through an efficient, well-managed, finely tuned workforce. We recognize that we wouldn't exist if you didn't exist, and our members work only when you get work.

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