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  We have a state-of-the-art, 500-acre training center, where we house and furnish meals to employee trainees at no additional cost to them or to employers.

Our comprehensive training program encompasses:
  • A skilled and trained workforce available for dispatch at each local union hiring hall
  • Employees confident in knowing they have portable fringe benefits that transfer among companies, enabling them to remain productive and focused on getting your job done right
  • The right to drug-test employees, in accordance with the agreement in place

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program is
top notch.
When new members join the Laborers' Union, we immediately enroll them in our innovative apprenticeship program through which they learn their trade by working under the instruction of experienced journeyman workers. Applicants are admitted to the program only after passing a demanding hands-on skill assessment to verify their ability to perform the duties of the craft.

Apprentice program enrollees become eligible for certification as journeymen laborers after completing 3,000 hours of supervised work on job sites; work experience in building construction, heavy/highway construction and environmental remediation; classes in general construction and core laborer skills; electives in specialty markets and mandatory drug testing.
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